Duval County Public School System Full Service Schools

Duval County Public Schools offers counseling services in collaboration with community partners within a network of Full Service Schools.

Pediatricians or parents may refer children for evaluation of emotional, behavioral, personal, family or friend issues. Other concerns such as drug or alcohol use or other issues that you are concerned about that may be affecting their wellbeing and educational experience can be evaluated at their local Full Service School. You may refer the child with THIS FORM and fax it to the appropriate Resource Center, listed on the attached list. If their school is not listed you may contact the Program Director, whose number is written at the top. Children are evaluated and, if eligible, counseling services are provided for up to six months at the time at their local schools. The program is in coordination with United Way and counselors are contracted through agencies such as Child Guidance and daniel. It is a wonderful resource and of no cost to the child or family.

Download the Form Here